Fiberglass Flat Roofs

Fiberglass Flat Roofs Repaired and Installed.

Park Roofing Services include Fibreglass roofing in Co. Dublin. A Fibreglass roof is the most effective way to finish and waterproof your flat roof, its the best replacement for all felt-based structures. It is very cost effective solution and totally maintenance free plus has a life expectancy of over 60 years when properly applied.

With many additions to fibreglass roofing such as Flat roofs, Roof valleys, Non-slip balconies, gutters, Wet / shower rooms, Water tanks, Fascias, Dormer windows, Pond liners, Signage, Marine boat repairs, Sliding ceilings, Moulding work and Farm / agricultural machine repairs to name but a few hard-wearing balconies and other step surfaces, a water-tight pool surfaces, milking parlours, wet rooms and much more. Fibreglass uses are only limited to your imagination and the installers.

Park Roofing South Dublin provide fibreglass roofing and roof repair solutions in Dublin.
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From simple roof coverings on sheds to complex and pitched solutions for house extensions.

Single-ply synthetic membrane rubber roofing is ideal for use over low-sloping or flat roofs because it is durable, beautiful, and waterproof. Synthetic rubber polymers or are made from plastic polymers, rubber roofs are designed mostly for extensions, sheds and garages but is used in commercial buildings to carry the added weight of Air Conditioners.

However, it is often confused with fibreglass roofing in Dublin which is not the same thing. The preparation for both of them is very similar but the actual application is quite different.

We provide other options for roofing such as flat roofing in Dublin and our experienced team can repair all types of roofs.
We use a wide range of materials which has been tailored to provide our customers with the most value. Over 30 years experience in the roofing trade and outstanding reputation throughout the County Dublin area.

With rubber roofing in Dublin, the sheeting is cut and laid over the structure, it is pulled tight and locked in place behind the fascia boards on your roof.

Fibreglass roofs, a bonding resin is sprayed onto the structure and the fibreglass is laid onto it. Its generally rolled in until it is properly and repeat the procedure a few times to ensure you have a solid finish.

Both make outstanding solutions to any roof covering and come in at around the same cost. We use rubber roofing since its easier to repair if it is ever needed and provides a more complete look to the roof.

We provide a fast response, so if you live near the County Dublin region in Ireland, we can be at your home in less than 1 hour!

We only use quality roofing suppliers to ensure each and every roofing service is done to the highest of standards to approved specifications see fibreglass roofing dublin.

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