Fascia & Soffits

Park Roofing, we do not just cover up the old material behind your gutters.

We will completely clean and remove any old timbers and replace them with new maintenance-free materials as needed. The complete solution is to remove rotten timber at eaves and to replace your normal wooden fascia and soffit with a solid uPVC fascia and soffit. This removes any fear of timber rotting behind PVC fascia for years to come. A well designed and installed soffit and fascia will provide you with decades of effective and comprehensive weather protection.

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Fascia & Soffit Roofing Repairs, PVC, Aluminum & Cast Aluminum At Park Roofing and Guttering in all area’s of Dublin. Park provide a stunning range of roofing products that will enhance the look of your home or property. Fitting suitable fascias and soffits can help to prevent the unfavorable Irish weather from damaging the rafters, …
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